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A great part of Lithuania’s water bodies is centered in Eastern Lithuania, many of them perfect for water tourism.  Aukštaitija National Park and Labanoras Regional Park are favourite tourist destinations. Their network of interconnected lakes and rivers is a great place for canoeing and kayaking.  In the summer it is a water adventuring paradise!

The environment of Aukštaitija National Park was formed by the last Ice Age which ended 14,000 years ago.  Moving glaciers created a rugged and varied landscape.  The development of water tourism in this area dates back 50 years, and today it is known for being the most important Lithuanian green tourism destination. Its pristine lakes, linked by picturesque streams and tributaries, its traditional villages, impressive landscapes and abundant forests attract those who seek a natural harmony. There are 126 lakes in the park, and many of these are perfect for water activities.  You can row or paddle up to 70 kilometers along these lakes and streams, and if you go down Žeimena river, eventually you’ll reach the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius (approximately 150 km).

Labanoras Regional Park is the largest Lithuanian regional park and a place of very rich natural diversity. Its hilly landscape of many lakes and forests offers great possibilities for venturing by water and on foot. There are 285 lakes and 30 streams, and the largest river Lakaja is one of the most beautiful rivers in Eastern Lithuanian and a favourite tourist destination. Lake shores and river banks are mostly forested, dominated by pine forests. The water quality of these water bodies is very clean, safe to swim and use for cooking. Rivers flow slow enough for the most relaxing, some might sayromantic, kind of ecotourism.

The main water tourism season is the summer months: June, July and August. Lithuania belongs to the temperate climate zone; its summers are moderately warm. Average June temperature is 13 to 16°C and August is 15 to 19°C. On a sunny day temperatures can rise up to 25-30 ° C, but at night it can fall to 5-10 °C on cool evenings. Almost half of yearly rainfall happens in the summer. Sudden storms, squalls and showers are common. Lake and river water temperature in summer is 18-23°C. Wind speed reaches 10-14 m/s and occasionally up to 15-18 m/s.

If you want to relax or just have some fun, take a break from work, home, city noise, or your daily routine, we invite you to come and embrace the simple natural world of sunshine, wind, streams, lakes and forests in Eastern Lithuania.  After you spend a few days on the water, a few nights in a tent under the stars, and taste a bonfire-cooked meal - you’ll feel life is good again!